Chapter 1: Heroes and GuildsChapter 2: Town and CommerceChapter 3: Palace and HenchmenChapter 4: Monsters and LairsChapter 5: Quests and Rewards
Chapter 2: Town & Commerce
A caravan heads for the frontier As Sovereign, you must build and manage your town in the best interests of your kingdom and its peoples. Most guilds and other buildings provide you with a steady income. When heroes come back from successful adventures they give a cut of their treasure to their guild. The tax collector then gathers a share of that income for the kingdom. You can then use that money to build new guilds, repair old guilds, or use your guilds' special powers. Some buildings do not generate income but are important to the defense of the kingdom. For that reason, they receive regular payments from the kingdom's coffers.

Of course, not every structure that appears does so by your instruction. Graveyards, gambling halls, sewers, and Elven Lounges are all just a fact of life in the kingdom. Whether you like it or not, these things have a way of showing up in your town.

Blacksmith The Blacksmith
Where heroes goes to get their weapons honed and their armor improved. As your Blacksmith prospers, it will eventually attract the attention of nearby Dwarves, who can improve your kingdom through their mechanical skills.
Tradingpost Trading Post
This is your gateway to a thriving economy. The Trading Post can send out Caravans that travel between trade routes within your kingdom.
The Marketplace
Need a spare healing potion or an extra set of boots? This is where the fashionable hero goes to fulfill all of his adventuring needs. In addition, the Marketplace is the backbone of your economy, providing a regular source of income. Caravans use Marketplaces as way points in their dealings.
Inn The Inn
A place of rest and healing for weary adventurers. The Sovereign can place Inns on the frontier to help protect heroes on their journeys.
Library The Library
A place of higher learning. Wizards like to spend some of their extra time learning new spells here. A kingdom with Libraries draws more intelligent heroes.

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