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1. How do the cards work when you are playing a game with humans in the room?

1A. Your Risk cards are supposed to be kept secret. This is tough to do when you're all looking at the same screen to view your cards. The actual explanation is in your manual at the bottom of page 4 (under the heading "Multiplayer Notes") but I'll give it to you here as well:

In multiplayer mode, RISK cards and Mission cards are hidden. To reveal your actual RISK card or Mission card, push up on the right analog stick. To reveal a false RISK card or Mission card (and mislead your opponents!), push left, right or down on the right analog stick.

2. I'd rather not have to watch all of the AI opponents roll dice against one another. Is there any way to skip past these animated sequences?

2A. Yes. This is covered on page 11 of the manual under the Fast AI option. The crux of it is that when you are in Game Options menu when you are setting up your game (not the main options menu when you start RISK) you want to turn Fast AI to ON. You will still get to see the AI opponents take their turns, but they will not roll dice. Their turns will happen much more rapidly and you'll still get a sense of the progression of the game. You might also think about turning on the option called Fast Defend. This one cuts out all dice rolling between you and your AI opponents when you are on the defensive - again, speeding up the pace of the game.

3. What about those chatty AI guys? Any way to get these guys to be quiet and concentrate on the game?

3A. Well, if you just want to stop them from saying whatever it is that they are currently saying you can press a button and your opponent will immediately stop talking. If you want to make them stop talking entirely just jump into the options, then audio options. Where you see Vocal Opponents you want to set this option to NO.