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Inner Sphere 'Mech Pak

"The MechWarrior® 4 'Mech Paks will expand the gameplay for the best-selling, award-winning MechWarrior 4: Vengeance, based on the popular game of mechanized combat from FASA Studios™. Each Pak will give players new 'Mechs, a new electronics package, a new weapon, and a multiplayer map. Cyberlore, the team behind the successful MechWarrior 4: Black Knight expansion, is developing the Paks in conjunction with the FASA MechWarrior 4 team.




New 'Mechs

Easily identified by its oversized shoulder-mount Autocannon (AC), the Hunchback is a tough brawler armed for short-range combat.

Chassis class: Medium
Gross weight: 50 tons
Armor (weight): Ferro-Fibrous (9.5 tons)
Internal structure: Endo Steel
Top speed: 98 KPH
Electronic components: ECM; Light Amplification
Jump Jets: No
Weapons loadout: LBX AC20; two Medium Lasers; SRM6


A speedy all-around frontline striker and a favored 'Mech of House Kurita commanders.

Chassis class: Heavy
Gross weight: 60 tons
Armor (weight): Ferro-Fibrous (8.5 tons)
Internal structure: Standard
Top speed: 85 KPH
Electronic components: None
Jump Jets: No
Weapons loadout: Heavy Gauss Rifle; AC5; LRM10; Medium Laser


A classic Inner Sphere design, the Zeus is an extremely reliable long-range assault 'Mech.

Chassis class: Assault
Gross weight: 80 tons
Armor (weight): Ferro-Fibrous (15 tons)
Internal structure: Standard
Top speed: 70 KPH
Electronic components: Beagle Active Probe (BAP)
Jump Jets: No
Weapons loadout: Two LRM15; Large Laser; Heavy Gauss Rifle


A massive, jump-capable assault 'Mech and signature 'Mech of the Northwind Highlanders mercenary unit.

Chassis class: Assault
Gross weight: 90 tons
Armor (weight): Ferro-Fibrous (16 tons)
Internal structure: Standard
Top speed: 67 KPH
Electronic components: AMS
Jump Jets: Yes
Weapons loadout: Heavy Gauss Rifle; Gauss Rifle; two Large Lasers

New Weapons & Electronics
Heavy Gauss Rifle
IFF Jammer

The Heavy Gauss Rifle hits harder than the standard Gauss Rifle, but at the expense of tonnage and range.

Class: Ballistic
Slots required: 4
Heat: 2
Damage: 27
Range: 600
Weight: 18 tons
Recycle time: 8

A defensive unit added to a 'Mech's sensor system that creates confusion in enemy systems for the identification of friend or foe (IFF). The IFF Jammer causes enemy heads-up displays (HUD) to display the 'Mech as a neutral entity.

IFF Jammer effectiveness is lost at ranges of 200m or closer.


'Mechs duke it out in the Solaris system's most infamous stadium as throngs of bloodthirsty fans cheer them on.

Coliseum is a very... intimate setting for a brawl. It's big enough to get some ranged-shots in, but not for long.

Set in the forested surroundings of the walled city Gagetown, 'Mechs do battle among the trees. This map is based on an original design by Chris "Wolverine" Beckingham.

Although based on Wolverine's map, it was rebuilt from the ground up to make it every bit as sharp as the release maps, and to make sure that it fit into our design specs for maps.

Gagetown is an awesome multiplayer map and one of our favorites here at Cyberlore.



Q1: Do I need Black Knight to use this 'Mech Pak?

A1: No, the 'Mech Paks will work for you whether or not you have Black Knight.

Q2: I heard that there's a patch that I can get that will let me play people with the 'Mech Paks.

A2: That's true. If you go to Mechwarrior4.com you can get Point Release #3 for MechWarrior 4 Veneance or Black Knight. Be sure to get the one that is appropriate for your setup.

Q3: Do I need to get this patch if I already have the 'Mech Pak?

A3: No, the 'Mech Pak already has this patch as part of the install process. If you have the Pak, you have the patch.

Q4: I tried the patch and I get ERROR 0036.

A4: There are a number of "unofficial" patches for MW4 out there. If you have installed any of them then the patch is not going to function properly. The best thing you can do is to reinstall MW4:V, then patch number 2, (and Black Knight if you have it) and then install the 'Mech Pak.

Q5: Can any of the older 'Mechs use the new equipment?

A5: Yes, the 'Mech Paks updated some of the 'Mechs from the previous releases so that they could use the new tech.

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