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Entomorph: Plague of the Darkfall

Entomorph is a fast-paced, action style role-playing game set in the World of Aden. As the game begins, you find yourself face-to-face with a huge, vile spider who complains about having met her once too many times. The horrible creature then sends you back in time to when you were just let off of your ship. You find yourself on the shore of the island home of your aunt and uncle, where your sister and brother had recently visited. Your siblings made the journey in an attempt to escape the ‘Darkfall’, a horrible cataclysm which thrust the mainland of Kyan into an eternal night of horror.

On your way to your aunt and uncle’s, you pass through a village, destroyed by some unknown agent. Once you reach your destination and find your brother, you learn of a grave danger. The villagers fear that whatever destroyed the nearby village will soon return to ravage their home. Unfortunately, the town Shaman who could summon their guardian died defending the neighboring village. It is up to you to make the island safe before travel to the nearby island of Phoros in search of your sister.

In defending your aunt and uncle's village, you discover that the jagtera - giant bug like creatures who had mysteriously vanished from Phoros many years ago - are now returning. The Phorosians are giddy with delight at the prospect of the Jagtera's return. Their departure signaled the downfall of Phorosian society. Their return could be the first step on the path to a new Golden Age.

Once you find your sister, a more grim reality is revealed: the jagtera are not returning. The islanders are being transformed into giant insects, per order of the monk-like Nobles. A determined, if ineffective group of rebels is dedicated to stopping the spread of the "nectar": the substance which transforms people into demented, jagtera-like entities.

In order to combat the spread of the transformation plague, you must undergo a metamorphosis. By ingesting some of the noble’s vile nectar, it gives you strength to combat the deadly denizens of the island. You encounter many interesting people and creatures in your travels through Phoros' lush jungle. In the end, you must race the clock in order to undo the horrible transformations and save your own humanity. Originally released 1995


NEXT Generation/Feb. 1996

SSI seems to be proving that it doesn’t need TSR’s Advanced Dungeons and Dragons license to produce great fantasy games... Entomorph is a refreshing mixture containing the look, play, feel and general mechanics of a graphic adventure, but adds role-playing elements as well as arcade action, for good measure.

The graphics detail a fantasy-land rich in story and background, with the colors and landscapes fitting the plot accordingly. Solid theme music gives the game an atmosphere of suppressed tension. All in all it’s a fully loaded graphic adventure.

Computer Gaming World / #137 December ‘95
Entomorph/#5 Holiday Choice for CRPG’s

For an RPG with a very interesting twist, gamers should stop by the nation of Kyan, located in SSI’s new World of Aden. In Entomorph, the nation of Kyan is under the evil cloud of a pestilent insect plague. As Cedric, a wandering squire, you must battle the invading monster-insects, find your lost sister, and deal with your own metamorphosis.

You’ll need all the power you can get to fight your way through this gauntlet of over-sized, monstrous insects... The action and unique story will provide gamers with an interesting, and different, CRPG to play.

Entomorph is © 1995 Strategic Simulations Inc., All Rights Reserved