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"Al-Qadim: the Genies' Curse" is a licensed Advanced Dungeons and Dragons computer game set in the Arabian world of Al-Qadim. It is the heroic tale of a young corsair’s return home in the midst of family trouble. His family has controlled genies for generations, and recently one of their genies was seen destroying a ship on the high seas. The destroyed ship happened to have the ruler of the land, the Caliph, on board. The Caliph orders our hero’s family to be taken prisoner. The hero knows his family is more honorable than to mistreat their power in this way, and thus sets off on a quest to find proof of their innocence. The Caliph gives him a short time to find proof before his family will be executed.

Along the way, the young warrior stops off at many island locales where he is challenged by deadly monsters and puzzles. He even visits the lost magical isle of the genies where the most powerful genies in the world dwell. Midway through his journeys he returns to Bandar al-Sadat, the capital city where his family has been imprisoned. His father informs him that he is unable to control his genie, and of an ancient phenomena called ‘the genie’s curse’ which is something which could be used by less honorable people to take control of any genie.

In the final few moments before his family is to be executed, the hero finds a way to break the curse and again control the genie belonging to his family. He comes back to Bandar al-Sadat a true hero. Originally released in 1994.


DRAGON Magazine’s Sandy Petersen reviews
AL-QADIM: The Genie’s Curse:

"Wow! Was this game fun! This is a terrific game for the home computer.

Some of you may remember the review I gave the DARK SUN game, also from SSI. The Genie’s Curse uses a very similar game system, so I looked on reviewing this game with quite a bit of trepidation. But it sold me almost at once.

The Genie’s Curse has a fine plot, in which you are a young pirate who must strive to save your family from disgrace, and even execution. Unlike most games of this nature, you get to meet your family, your mom, dad, and sister (with whom you squabble, as is only right), and this helps inspire you to work on their behalf. As you wander across the Arabian-style landscape of the game, the plot keeps getting thicker and thicker.

The game’s interface is easy and fun to use. It is relatively quick moving, combat is easy and fast, and the monsters are neat-looking. You see your character in a sort of three quarters view. You look down on the landscape, but your hero and the monsters are all seen in a side view as they wander around. When your hero swings his scimitar, there is a satisfying swish and the blade whizzes through the air. There are dungeons with complex controls. Levers to push, rising and lowering platforms, moving stones, spikes that try to impale you, etc.

AL-QADIM: The Genie’s Curse is heaps of fun in an interesting and exotic environment. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it".


Al-Qadim: the Genie's Curse is © 1994 Strategic Simulations Inc., All Rights Reserved