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Dwarves are stout warriors skilled in all manner of construction and building. Their settlements are appropriately described as fortresses, complete with auto-firing ballista. The dwarven engineers of Dtar-Mordin devised the complex mechanisms that automate this outpost. Dwarven knowledge of mechanics and metallurgy is unparalleled in all Ardania.

Dwarves dislike Elves and Gnomes but may be attracted to human settlements with a significant Blacksmith.

The Dwarves fanatical devotion to tradition and obsessive attention to minute details is evident in this inventory compiled for the simplest of mechanism.



A powerful defense!To build, or to bash?


The Dwarf's Tale

A Manual for the Design and Fabrication of Single-Wheeled, Hand-Driven, All-Purpose Utility Carts From the workbook of Bruckos Grindwell, Third Son of Drumdar Grindwell, of Lower Clearstead.

To make a single-wheeled, hand-driven, all-purpose utility cart (or "wheelbarrow", as the Non-mechina call them), you'll need to collect the exact materials below. Any substitutions will result in a vastly inferior product that will be ill suited for the job.

Number Req. Approved Item Description CU Measure (Canonical Units) Notes
2 Maple Hand Spars 44 x 2 x 2 Derived from the lower third of the trunk of a 31 to 43 cycles-old Maple, living at an altitude of no greater than 1763 CU above the level of the ocean.
1 Iron Cargo Tub 11,424 CU square Must be built from ore mined between the 2nd and 23rd day of Shallur and adhere to the composition listed in Norvard's Registry of Dwarven Standards and Measures, Volume 2, page 542.
1 Load Bearing Oak Disc 14 diameter x 3 thick The finished disc must then be center-drilled with a 2 CU hole. Derived from a crossectional cut of White Oak, no older than 120 cycles. Wood must be soaked in a bath of Grellar's Solution for twenty-three nights, between Samral and Virember. The finished disc must then be center-drilled with a 1 7/8 CU hole.
1 Iron Axle Rod 1 x 6 long Ore must have less than 12% impurities and undergo heat treating in a Vordman Forge, as detailed in Norvard's Registry of Dwarven Standards and Measures, Volume 23, page 90. The heated axle rod must be cooled in the water from Delegian Springs and be no cooler than hand temperature.

Other materials needed include hardware and frame assemblies. Their exact compositions and measures are covered by the construction guidelines in Norvard's Registry of Dwarven Standards and Measures, Volume 1, page 19. They can be obtained through any reliable Dwarven sources.


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