Majesty: The Northern Expansion

Your leadership has brought peace and prosperity to your kingdom. Your foes are vanquished, your peasants are happy, but your Heroes are restless. Heroes need new challenges, new frontiers, and, above all, a wise leader. It's time to expand your borders in the North....

The Northern Expansion (TM) is the expansion set for Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim. It will provide you with all new challenges for you and your heroes. There is more of everything that made Majesty great. All you need is to take up the challenge and expand your kingdom northward!

Grab the new Majesty Expansion Screensaver for a look at some of the new art and screenshots from the Northern Expansion!



* New Epic Quests

* New Kingdom Buildings

* New Monsters

* New Lairs

* New Player Cast Spells

* Freestyle Force Patterns

* New Northern Tileset




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